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SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimisation,” sometimes known as “search engine optimizer.” Hiring an SEO expert is a huge choice that might possibly help your site improve ranking on Google, Bing or any other search engine saving your marketing budget on expensive ads, but it may also harm your site and reputation. Make careful to investigate both the possible benefits and the harm that an irresponsible SEO may do to your site. Many SEO firms across Australia, as well as other companies and consultants, offer beneficial services to website owners that can assist your website get good impressions on Google and other search engines like Bing or Yandex.

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO can be beneficial for your website or a webpage in different ways here are some of the benefits you can get from SEO:

  • – Website structure and content revision.
  • – Website technical optimization with the hosting, redirects or error pages redirections.
  • – Website speed score improvement such as code simplification or image optimization.
  • – Keyword research for your business.
  • – Competitor analysis in specific markets and geographies.
  • – Help you get more website impressions and leads.

There are other benefits as well but these are the main benefits from SEO

Advertising with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Ads, or any other ad agency does not influence your site’s performance itself or on any of the search engines. Google or Microsoft never takes payment to include or rank sites in organic search results. Appearing in the organic search results actually cost nothing. You only have to pay for the work required to get into the organic search results. Whereas in ads you have to pay continuously for the ad position on a search engine. There is a good chance where you pay for an ad and your website performance or its user experience is not good, You may end up getting visitors to the website without any leads as the website experience will not assist the visitor to convert them into customers.

The answer to this question is Yes and No. It all depends on the nature of the business and your competitor’s strategy. If you search Facebook on Google you’ll see that Facebook has an ad on the top and then 1st position in the organic results as well, So why is Facebook paying Google for an ad. That is because the keyword Facebook has a lot of other ads as well that can lead the visitor to the wrong site and cause a bad effect, in order to overcome this issue Facebook is bound to pay for a paid ad as well. This is one of the many reasons that can not stop you invest in ads even after getting the top location in organic search results. But most of the time if you have a small business with a small number of competitors you might not have to pay for an ad on Google after search engine optimization.

Before hiring an SEO specialist you have to invest in your website design and development and If you’re considering employing an SEO, the sooner the better. When you’re considering a site makeover or launching a new site, it’s a wonderful moment to employ. In this manner, your website developers and your SEO can guarantee that your site is built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. A decent SEO, on the other hand, can assist improve an existing site. But remember that making the modifications advised by an SEO can require a lot of time and work; if you aren’t willing to put in the time to make these adjustments, employing a professional isn’t worth it.

Finding the appropriate and perfect SEO professional is challenging since many unskilled persons are now in the SEO business and can have a negative impact on your website’s performance. So the first thing you need to look is for their portfolio, as them if they could show some examples of their prior work and tell you about their existing customers and references. Inquire with their previous clients whether they thought this SEO provided a valuable service, was easy to deal with, and generated excellent results. Ask them if they have any additional technical team that will help them do the technical changes based on their suggestions. Ask them if they offer a money-back guarantee if the required results are not achieved. By all means, feel free to walk away if the SEO provider is not offering any money back gurantee with their SEO work. These are some of the basic things that you need to look for while hiring an SEO expert.

Be careful of unsolicited emails from SEO businesses, web consultants, or agencies. Even Google receive these type of emails as well 🙂


Hello, Google.com!
When I looked at your website, I realised that you aren’t featured in most of the big search engines or directories…”


That’s the way these scammers work. They send those emails to thousands of people and if any one of them contact them they might end up losing money and that’s the success for the email spammers. Do not click on any of the links on that email. You can always contact us if you need any expert advice and we can provide you with a better and real website analysis.

Be wary of SEO firms or individuals who promise top ranks, claim to have a “special connection” with Google, Facebook or Microsoft Bing and offers a “priority submit” to search engines. The only way to get on the first page of Google is by following Google Webmaster Guidelines and industries best practices. Folio Manager offers a money-back guarantee since we constantly follow best practices and Google’s guidelines to help websites rank better in the real world. Our clients can feel the difference and we show results based on the Google search console itself. So offering a money-back guarantee is a win-win situation for both the clients and for us.

Getting ranking on Google or any other search engine can take some time, as it all depends on the nature of business and the keywords you’re optimizing a website for or the number of competitors ranking on Google. The days of building a website, optimising your title tags, and ranking in a matter of weeks are long gone. A local phrase (e.g., Best Electrition in Springfield) may only take a few months to rank for, but a new website may take years to rank for, say, the phrase “Garage Door Openers.” The only way SEO specialist can design a time frame for ranking on the initial pages of Google is by looking at the SEO analysis. But that timeframe is not necessarily accurate. As it is a lengthy process and many things can happen in that time frame that can affect search ranking. Google changing its algorithm is one of the reasons a site can take longer than expected for reaching the top.

Yes, SEO will help you grow your company even if you exclusively serve areas around you. People often use search engines to decide which local store they would want to visit. This is why phrases such as “near me” and “in X city” have become a frequent part of searches. Local information is found in 46 % of all Google searches and 72 % of customers who conducted a local search visited a store within five miles. All this statistical evidence can also be understood intuitively. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine you are living in Sydney and are looking for plumbers. Would you only google search for a business in Sydney or would you widen your search to the entire continent? Obviously, you would only want to look for plumbers in Sydney as there is no point in hiring someone from out of the city and paying for their transportation. All in all, it makes complete sense to hire SEO companies if you only service areas around you. And out of all the SEO companies, it would be best if you hire the one which has expertise in targeting local intent. Folio Manager has been providing local SEO services for over a decade now.

When a search query contains the name of a city, town, or postcode, it is referred to as location intent. To provide the most appropriate local results to the searcher, search engines scan for signals both on-page and off-page. Now, once we have defined local intent, we will go ahead and explain how it is targeted by search engine optimisation firms throughout the globe. All SEO strategies including keyword research, technical SEO, link-building, and on-page optimisation need to be performed with a special focus on the local area. The backbone of any SEO campaign is high-quality content. Content should be created on events and topics pertaining to the local area. As with traditional SEO campaigns as well, it is important to make sure the content is also related to recent topics. Another way to boost local online presence is by linking your content to websites that belong to reputable organizations in the area. The more credible the organizations, the better it is. Alongside, it is important to incorporate local search terms in your content which your target audience will most likely google. Here at Folio Manager, we use all these strategies to boost your company’s online presence within the population you are targeting.

There is no one answer to this question as the monetary and time cost of performing search engine optimization depends on a few variables which keep changing over time. The industry you are in matters. If an industry is competitive, a lot of companies will focus on the limited amount of search terms popular in the target audience. Then, to make your company stand out, you will have to invest more time and resources. How long you want your SEO to be effective also impacts the cost. A longer-term SEO campaign will cost more as content needs to be updated to maintain its ranking. On the other hand, if you want your SEO to be effective only for a few weeks, not many resources will have to be spent. The cost also depends on the age of the content already existing on the company’s website. If the content is outdated, all of it will have to be updated resulting in a higher cost. The nature of the target audience is also a factor in the cost of search engine optimization. Generally, if your target audience is broader, the cost will be higher as you will have to incorporate more types of keywords. In the same way, an SEO campaign for a larger area is more expensive as more locations have to be incorporated. Despite all these factors, Folio Manager keeps its rates reasonable as it understands that a growing business cannot dig too deep inside its pockets

We collaborate with all types of companies. We are here to assist e-commerce companies and national corporations as well as individual entrepreneurs and startups in helping them realize what they have to gain from the digital world. You will probably benefit a lot from a focused SEO campaign to get you to the top of search results, regardless of the size of your business. Since we’ve dealt with a variety of business styles, sizes, and sectors, you can trust that we will get results for you as the chances are high that we have worked with a company just like yours. For more details on the enterprise SEO services of Folio Manager, contact us as soon as possible!

A big error large enterprises are susceptible to is the misconception that their companies are already too big to need digital marketing. Even if the companies realize the importance of digital marketing, they oftentimes fail to realize the need for hiring a specialized SEO firm for search engine optimization purposes. If you are a big business, we are here to inform you that it is important to hire a specialized firm for SEO as enterprise SEO comes with its own collection of difficulties and complexities. Many enterprises have a broad and complex website. This necessitates the use of SEO experts, with extensive business expertise, to build an SEO plan and campaign that will generate significant returns on investment. Ask anyone and they will tell you that successful enterprise search engine optimization requires continuous testing and calibration of the company website along with strategies that are specific to the webpage. Still not convinced your large company needs us? Call us!

With a focused search engine optimization approach, small and local companies will outperform big-name competitors. You’ll be well on your way to competing with large national companies with a large online presence and budget if you figure out your niche, utilize an effective SEO strategy, and run a targeted SEO campaign. As far as eCommerce websites are concerned, no matter your company has a few services or items for sale or many, our eCommerce SEO campaigns are all about ultra-precise specialization connecting you with consumers who are actively looking for your product or service. We understand that eCommerce SEO is highly specialized and that Google website rankings are high-stakes; this makes us even more proud to have assisted medium and small-sized businesses in defeating global eCommerce behemoths. We have a lot of inspiring success stories to narrate so get in touch with us!

The great part about working with us is that we provide a money-back guarantee on every approved SEO contract. Unfortunately, as the public’s knowledge of search engine optimisation services has grown, so has the number of terrible SEO businesses. Having satisfied numerous clients for more than a decade, we, at Folio Manager, assure you that we are not one of them. Using local SEO and targeting, we will make sure that your website’s traffic shoots up because of a large influx of the right audience – internet surfers with a larger likelihood of becoming customers. Along with local SEO techniques, we will also incorporate findings from quality keyword research to increase traffic. Lastly, we will conduct consequential website outreach which will also help your company’s website prop up higher on Google search results. All in all, through effective local SEO techniques, quality keyword research, and consequential website outreach, we will make a positive impact on your revenue and increase the return on your marketing investment.

When you use digital platforms to communicate with your target audience online, you’re doing digital marketing. In other words, you use search engines, emails, blogs, and social media to reach out to your target audience and begin developing a trusting relationship with them that leads to sales. This is an effective strategy because people, including your target customers, spend most of their time online. According to Forbes, 82 % of users perform online research about products and services they want to invest in and 79 % of people go ahead with the purchase over the internet as well. Search engine optimization is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies. This is where you optimize your website to rank higher in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Consider the number of times you google a product if you want to buy it. If the answer is very high, you can make the connection as to how a higher ranking of a company on Google search results leads to more traffic on that company’s website. This is why search engine optimization often turns out to be a very beneficial strategy and why you should partner with a top-tier SEO agency if you want to take your company to the next level.

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