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A single, simple SEO strategy cannot be applied to every organisation. We approach each new business as a fresh challenge. Our objective is to satisfy the required requirements and priorities while working towards the goals you have set for your business.

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Website Audit

A website audit is necessary to ensure that everything is in order and perfectly aligned with the guidelines prescribed by the search engines. This is included in our routine SOPs.

Competitive Analysis

We don’t shoot in the dark and set our goals and objectives by doing our homework, which includes competitive analysis. This way, we become surer of our footing.

Keywords Research

Keyword research is necessary to ensure we rank for the high-volume keywords and phrases that are all over the search engines. We take extra pains to get it right.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization deals with how an individual web page will go on your website. Luckily, we have in-house professionals to handle this task so that everything is in perfect order.

Link Building

By weaving an interactive web through link building, your website will send positive signals to the search engines. In turn, it will reward you with improved search rankings.

Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO, we have a dedicated team that takes a look under the hood, every time a red flag pops up. So, all is taken care of!

To assist you, we’ve answered 17 of the most often asked questions concerning the best SEO principles in the industry. If you have any other question related to SEO that we have not covered yet you can always ask us by contacting us.

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Folio Manager is an Australian owned business and we offer our SEO and other services across Australia. You can contact us from any part of Australia and we will get the job done for you. We provide real figures, real performance targets, real revenue growth, and real return on your investment.


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